About Kensho

Hi! Welcome to my little piece of joy on the Internet!

I am Kerry, founder of Kensho. I love beautiful things, sparkly things, me time, seeing angel numbers and being surrounding by things that make me smile from within.

Kensho has been created from my love of crystals and creating areas of joy in my home.

Being a Mum to 4 year old Avengers lover, a wife, a daughter, a friend and a multiple business owner. (I have been in the beauty & wellness industry for years) I know I need time to myself to grow, be calm, think and be alone!!

Kensho - A Japanese term meaning " The zen experience or enlightenment, when one's own nature is seen for what it truly is"

I love creating little spaces within my home that is just for me that bring me joy.

My scared place.

I'm all about aligning to your true soul calling and being aware to live as joyfully as possible.
Seeing the beauty around us, makes our day just seem so much brighter and lighter.
We all need a space that is ours.
To be able to reflect, think, plan and dream.
To give yourself space to grow mentally, spiritually, emotionally. I think, should be made a priority in our lives.
Not an afterthought.
So Kensho will be an online platform retailing beautiful crystals and homeware that makes you smile.
But also a place where you will feel inspired to live your life aligned to who you were meant to be.
Not society's version.
Your version of a happy, lighter, successful and abundant you!

 I have used crystals for years and can not only appreciate their amazing, unique beauty but also the energy that they omit. I literally love some of my crystals so much I kiss them! (not in weird smoochy kind of way!)

They make me happy, from a deep soul level and I know they make a lot of other people happy too!!

So I wanted to bring their beauty into your experience and for them to find their forever home!

I can't wait to connect with you

Kerry x